Some Things We’ve Printed - Overview
Calendar for May 2012
Calendar for February 2007 (perpetual calendar for February)
Calendar for June 2013

Lament for Raleigh - Treasure Gems
2001 Calendar - warm half

2001 Calendar cool

Calendar for 2001
April, 2012 Calendar Calendar page for April, 2011 (sic)
October, 2012 Calendar Calendar for October, 2012
September Calendar page Calendar for September, 2011
Calendar for 2006, based on “Now We Are Six” by A.A.Milne
Wedding Invitation for a friend who studies movable books
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Visibly Shaken
My Favorite Fonts - sung to the tune of ...
Happy 80th Birthday, Mr. Zapf
California Job Case Mnemonics
1999 Calendar of War Department Proverbs (sic!)