Date: January-March, 2006

Ludlow type: Caslon and Ludlow Black; handset calendar font. Paper: Strathmore 500 series, 100% cotton fiber, acid-free paper.


We originally conceived of this calendar in the fall of 2005 and planned to have it ready for the Typophiles winter luncheon on December 15. However, other commitments interfered, we had to go to Norway for some fortuitous reasons, and this printing project was sidelined.

Our only block of spare time was thereby consumed away from our print shop and we didn't get back to it until just before the March Typophiles luncheon and when the March APA bundles went out. Phew!

Brenda took the lead with designing this piece, supervising the poem excerpt selections, and hand-coloring all 101 squares in each calendar.