Date: October, 2004

Ludlow type: Caslon and Caslon Bold. Rives BFK mould made, acid free, 100% cotton paper.


My typical response to the question "do I print wedding invitations" is no, I don't, because I don't wish to get involved with all the different envelope and paper sizes and tissue, etc., required to do them "properly".

But when I had the opportunity to co-design a wedding invitation with a movable book expert, I jumped at the challenge. What we came up with is a z-fold on card stock with a "volvelle" - a rotating wheel.

When you take the invitation out of its envelope, you see the word "Knot!" in the window on the front of the card, and a hand inviting you to turn the wheel clockwise in the cutout on the top. When you do, the window shows "Help Us" "Tie" "The" and back to "Knot" again.

Inside, the reverse of the volvelle has details of the invitation, and when you get to the back of the z-fold, you see the card you have to cut off, fill out, and return. When this "coupon" is removed, the tab that is left is the top part of the barrel that covers the two lovers hiding in the barrel on the back of the card.

So, its a wedding invitation that invites recipient participation - a tricky printing job, but worth the effort.

See large (178k bytes) image