Date: September, 1998.

Printed from photo-engraved plates made from stats mastered in Photoshop.

In the summer, Lili Wronker announced to the Typophiles that she was preparing a box of greetings to send to Hermann Zapf for his 80th birthday and anybody could contribute. This is what we printed: we sent number 1 of 80 to Mr. Zapf and handed the rest out at the September Typophiles meeting.

The idea was to show what a case of Zapf Dingbats would look like if they ever were laid in a case, an absurd idea because they don't exist in metal. We worked out the equivalent location and superimposed each symbol on top of a case from MacKellar's "American Printer" (1885). (There's a small puzzle associated with this card - easily solved if you find it.)

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