Date: April, 2007

Computer composition and printed from magnesium plates

Our printing friend, Raleigh D'Adamo hurt his foot and was unable to print his required four pieces in 2006. As a unyielding consequence, the APA threw him out. Since he's an elder member of our Westchester Chappel, we decided to print limericks for that year's Treasure Gems on the subject.

Once I got started, I couldn't stop writing limericks. These are the best ones - if you can consider any of this doggerel “best”. But it was fun.

We decided to break one of the cardinal rules in typography: select the font design for the intent and design of the piece as a whole. Instead, we picked the fonts by their names - see if you agree with the associations we found between these fonts and the limerick for which each is used.

It worked - Raleigh was re-instituted the next year.

See large image of obverse See large image of reverse