Date: 2000

Computer composition and printed from magnesium blocks

I wanted to make a calendar in an unusual format, and I had never seen a calendar on a double-sided square before, so here we are. I set this up on a computer, since the layout was a bit tricky. I liked the quotes I found in the Oxford book of Dates by Nicholas Breton - his patron was Mary Sidney (Philip Sidney's sister, the Countess of Pembroke).

These scans are from unfolded proofs - the final version was folded into a smaller square so that each season could be a page spread. The paper - a mulberry handmade paper - was selected after a month of trials: I had six or seven sheets of different composition and I refolded each one and carried them in my back pocket to see which one wore better over time (mulberry was the best after numerous refoldings). The calendar was placed inside an envelope made from thicker linen paper.

See large image of warm months See large image of cool months