Date: March, 2003

Ludlow type: Antique wood and metal type, brass Ukranian/Russian type.


Oaklander Books is a bookseller in Manhattan, specializing in books on books and, among other things, the Russian Avant Garde. Green Dolphin Press collaborated with them to design and print this small homage to avant garde design.

The three lines of tilted type making up the name "Oak-lan-der" evoke the pages of a book, and Irving Oaklander thought of naming the work with the pun "Visibly Shaken". We found a translation into Russian that might be something like "visibly shaken" and composed it in some brass type we have of the cyrillic characters. We later found out that we had mis-read the glyphs and used two characters where a single glyph belongs - we'll leave identifying the mistake to the diligent student.