Date: November, 2006

Computer composition and printed from magnesium plates; hand cut and assembled with our Stimson (Brooklyn, NY) floor-standing grommeter.

When thinking about how to make a calendar for February, I was struck by the fact that most years, February has 28 days, so the weeks cycle round evenly. So if I took a circle and divided it up in to 28 wedges, I could make a volvelle and turn a 2007 February calendar into a perpetual calendar that would work up to 2034.

I used color to indicate leap years (that's why the 29 is blue too). Since it is February, the month of St. Valentine’s Day, I used a heart to denote the indicator wedge - here it is set to 2013.

The title font is Alt Gothic, by David Nalle of Scriptorium. One of the nice things about using computer composition is the selection of apt fonts available.

See large image