Date: November, 2011


I was wondering how much I could compress the design of a calendar and still maintain utility - to me, a calendar should identify the year and month, and the days of the month, and you should be able to determine which day of the week for any day of the month. By jamming the day of the month into the weekday name (eg, “Satu26ay”), and rearranging the letters inside a specific shape, I was able to reduce the entire calendar down to the name of the month: May.

The paragraph in red is just filler - I debated with myself whether to leave it in or take it out, and I thought it would be a nice complement to the working calendar part. But the starkness might have been interesting.

Anyway, I think this is one of my favorite calendar pages - the trickiest part was getting just the right number of “pixels” to paint “May”, since I couldn't change the number of letters in the days of the week in the month. Fun.

See large (330Kb) image