My Favorite Fonts
(Sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things")

Centaur by Rogers and Deepdene by Goudy,
Caslon 540 for something less rowdy,
Copperplate Gothic, though I get some taunts:
These are a few of my favorite fonts.

Bell, Fitz Quadrata, Blado, and Scotch Roman,
Any by Benton, 'cause he's such a showman,
What a selection, but picking one daunts:
These are a few of my favorite fonts!

Parsons and Empire, they're so modernistic,
Jenson and Bembo are more journalistic,
My uncles all like them, and so do my aunts,
These are a few of my favorite fonts!


When the stick spills,
When the ink smears,
When I'm out of sorts:
I simply remember my favorite fonts,
They're my printing room consorts!

These lyrics composed, hand set, and printed in a limited edition of 100 for the March meeting of the Typophiles. © 1999 by Green Dolphin Press

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